There’s all kinds of conversations and books about success and what it is. Personally, one of my most loathed questions is “What does success look like to you?” or otherwise said, “How do you define success?”

99% of the time, the answers we come up with to those questions ends up as a list of “stuff we want” (and yes, honorable causes and “time with family” is still stuff you want).

The problem is, most people think of “success” as a destination when it’s actually a process. Have you noticed that there are people who seem to string together win after win, while others seem to have a habit of losing? Ever notice that there’s not much in-between? It’s one or the other.

It’s because success isn’t a place you get to. It’s a way you think and do things.

Success is a skill just like any other, and in fact, it is the root of all other skills.

Every skill you’ve ever learned, from learning to walk as a baby to becoming a professional at whatever it is you do, has required some level of execution of “success skills.”

No matter how much of a failure you may or may not feel you are right now, in this moment, at some point in your life, you have succeeded at something. If you ever won a sporting event, learned to play an instrument well, fixed a car or something around the house when you didn’t know exactly what was wrong with it, graduated with a great GPA, secured a job that you weren’t sure you’d get, etc.

We’ve all succeeded in something in life. We’ve all experienced success on some scale.

Don’t think so?

Well, can you walk? Guess what, you succeeded in learning to walk. In fact, you kicked it’s ass… you can probably even run!

The point is, you already know what it takes to succeed. Stop lying to yourself. Deep down, you know.

And if you’ve been around network marketing or home business for any amount of time, you’ve heard or read it more than once.

There’s no secret about it. And there’s sure as hell no magical “success fairy” that drops pixie dust on some of us and ignores others.

The principles that are the foundation of success skills are ubiquitously around us if we’re paying attention.

Success skills are universal.
They are irrefutable.
They are unchangable.

And on some level, everyone knows what they are and has executed them.

The question is are you applying them with the correct amount of intensity to your priorities, and once applied, are you willing to continue to apply that pressure until you succeed?

If you’re struggling in your business right now, or in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in life and succeed at, go back to that experience in your life where you did succeed in something. I promise you, there ARE examples.

Don’t judge yourself. Don’t put down your successes as if they don’t matter, because if you accomplished something in your life, you succeeded at that thing. By doing so, you are already exercised the skills of success. You just need to know them and amplify them, and maybe apply more of them to what you’re trying to accomplish today.

The truth is, for most people, failure is not an issue of not knowing what to do, or what it takes, or how to do it. It’s an issue of not being willing to do it: Of negotiating the price that executing success skills over time requires in order to achieve your goals.

Decide today that you’re done playing.

Decide today that you’re done negotiating against the inevitable.

Decide today to stop lying to yourself about the actions you are or are not taking on a consistent basis to get where you want to go.

This isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, being brutally honest with yourself can be one of the hardest things you’ll do.

But until you do, you’ll always fall short.

You’re going to work hard anyway. You’re going to be tired anyway. You’re going to have frustrations and challenges and problems to overcome anyway. Attack your goals with an intensity, focus, and consistency that ensures that it’s all worth it.