When someone starts a business, whether in the traditional world or the Network Marketing profession, they desire and believe that it can and will succeed. We are living in the age of technology, and if you are hoping to achieve business success, social media and digital marketing are essential components of any great business plan. With over 2 billion users who could potentially become clients or customers, one of the most powerful tools available to grow your brand, increase your reach, and create sales is Facebook.

In the immortal words of Jay Z, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” You are your brand. You are responsible for crafting the mission, creating the space, and defining the voice needed to foster the relationships that become lifelong customers and clients.

Facebook has many different features, and they are adding more every day. I know taking those first steps to growing your business on Facebook can feel challenging, but I assure you it is well worth the time and effort. Let’s take a look at five you can start right now that will help you grow your business using Facebook.

1: Start A Facebook Page For Your Business

Creating a Facebook Page for your business is equivalent to building a storefront on the worlds largest marketplace. It’s a space for people, from anywhere in the world, to gather, collaborate, ask questions, and find answers about the products and services that your business provides. Having a Facebook Page for your business allows you capture and interact with your digital audience and creates a base for you to communicate and advertise to them in a meaningful way. If you can get 1000 people to follow you on Facebook and possibly purchase one of your products or services, you can be extremely successful in creating your brand and the future of your business.

When you create a Facebook Page, you are saying, “I am an expert in the field and this is what I have to offer.” Your customers will begin to see you as a brand consultant and subject matter expert. This relationship gives you additional leverage to grow an even stronger following and continue to build your brand. Your Facebook Page allows you to form a reputation for yourself and your business that will be congruent with your overall branding and makes your business accessible in ways that simply having a business card, a storefront or a website cannot do.

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2: Establish Your Perfect Customer

Do you know who your perfect customer is or are you advertising to everyone? It is common in the Network Marketing profession to believe that everyone is a potential customer. However that is simply not true. The first step in creating lasting success and growing a thriving business is to identify exactly who your perfect customer is. In the business world, we call that your avatar. Your avatar is the exact person that you want to buy your product or services. Your avatar is the specific person you want to enroll onto your team. Successful companies know that understanding their customer avatar is essential to their success and some go so far as to give their avatars names such as Fitness Fran or Entrepreneur Eddie.

Why is knowing your customer avatar so important? By understanding who your perfect customer is, you can ask yourself what things they need and desire. It is these needs and desires that form the basis for your brand and marketing strategies. Once you understand what your perfect customer wants, you will begin to understand what to say and what types of marketing is necessary to gain their attention. Smart marketers know that getting your customers attention is the first step in creating a relationship and closing a sale.

3: Be Consistent With Your Posting

Consistency leads to dependability. It has been said that people do business with those that they know, like and trust. When you consistently communicate with your perfect customer on Facebook, it becomes simple for your potential customers to get to know you, grow to like you, and form a sense of security and trust with your brand. It is that relationship that will eventually mature into sales and team growth.

Start by choosing a schedule and sticking to it. If you plan to post once a day, then stick to that schedule and post at least once a day. If you decide to post twice a day, then stay consistent with that number. The exact number is less important than choosing a number and being consistent.

How do you stay consistent? The easiest way is to schedule your posts, and there are several services in the marketplace that make it easy to plan your posts for days or weeks in advance. These services can be really helpful because if you post consistently for a couple of weeks and then sporadically for a couple of weeks, you will confuse your customers and possibly give them the sense that you brand is not reliable.

As you begin posting to your Facebook Page, choose a variety of content to post and be consistent with your style. By selecting a variety of content, you will engage multiple types of users, and by maintaining a consistent style, you teach your customers about your brand, your mission and what you and your brand represent in the marketplace.

4: Serve Your Avatar As A Subject Matter Expert

When potential customers seek out information about or solutions to their problems, they are looking for a subject matter expert. Become an expert to your marketplace, and the customers and sales will follow. One of the keys to gaining attention as is speed. Always strive to be first. When people text, call or send you a direct message, answer as quickly as possible. We live in the digital age where answers are typically churned out as fast as someone can type in their questions. Providing a quick response will make your customer feel important, it will show them that you know what you are talking about, and it will prevent them from going somewhere else to find someone that will answer more quickly. This fast action creates a level of urgency that customers and potential clients respond to.

When you do share information with your customers, try to over-deliver on everything. This is an excellent way to gain admiration in your market. Your customers will feel like you are completely focused on them rather than just focused on closing a deal. When you provide incredible value and quality service, people respond by spreading the word, by investing in your product or service, and by engaging on your Facebook page. The more value you give to your marketplace, the more people will come back for more information, and eventually, pay for that information because they know that you are the expert that is willing to give more than your competitors.

5: Learn To Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are an invaluable tool when it comes to growing your business, but they do require a bit of tweaking and practice to master. Facebook Ads make it easy to target that perfect customer or avatar and can be an amazing way to create success using Facebook. Subconsciously, people tell Facebook of their pain points, so using Facebook Ads allows you to be very specific about exactly what kind of person you want to see your ad. You can try out different techniques until you find your sweet spot.

Here are three important points to include in your Facebook ads. Always include your logo and brand, what value proposition you are offering them – is it a free webinar, signing up for your newsletter, or a discount – and always include a call to action – click here to sign up, message me here for more details, etc.

An excellent way to familiarize yourself with how to create successful ads is by looking at what other successful people are doing. Find great ads and model their content and presentation. Use this information, as well as your own personal touch, to target your audience and increase your sales and brand reach. People like to buy things online, and Facebook ads are the perfect way to reach those buyers. Using Facebook Ads has the power to take your business to the next level, so be prepared when your ad strikes a chord and brings you a flood of new business.

There you have it. Five things that you begin to do today that are certain to grow your Network Marketing business on Facebook. What’s great about these strategies is that they can all be applied to any other social media platform as well. Imagine growing your brand on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter in addition to Facebook. Begin today by implementing at least one of these strategies and once you’ve mastered Facebook, don’t hesitate to choose another social media platform and apply your new found knowledge to grow your business there.

Venturing into a new marketing strategy can sometimes be uncomfortable. Even though it can feel awkward at first to put yourself out there, I promise you that the effort is worth it. The habits, knowledge, expertise and business growth that you receive in return will push your Network Marketing business to a whole new level.

Success on Facebook is waiting for you. Choose your strategy and take action today.

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