Duplication is the key to success in the Network Marketing. It’s not important that you or any single person on your team can achieve results, what’s important is that anyone – who is willing to put in the necessary work – can achieve results. The only way for anyone to have success is to have a duplicatable system that every person on the team learn and implement.

Here is what you have to understand. Success in Network Marketing is not achieved by creating results yourself. Success in Network Marketing is created by helping others to achieve success and to have those people then help even more people to achieve their own success. So, while there may be many ways, and even many better ways, for you or any individual on your team to create results, if that method is not something that every person on your team can do then your team will not grow. If that method is not easy for every person on your team to learn, then your team will not grow. In the Network Marketing profession, if your team does not grow, then your income will not grow either. Having and teaching a system that anyone on your team can learn is the key to duplication and duplication is the key to success in Network Marketing.

Modeling Creates Success

What is the fastest way to become successful? If you ask that question to any major leader or success mentor in the world today, the answer you hear will be modeling. No, I don’t mean putting on fancy clothes and walking down the runway, I mean studying and doing the things that people who are already successful in your industry do. Let me explain.

Whatever is it that you are trying to accomplish, it’s a good bet that someone else has already paved the way. They have paid the price, overcome that challenges and learned the lessons that are necessary to become successful. Here is the choice that you have to make. You can model their behavior, their actions, and their thoughts to achieve the same result or you could disregard their experience and make the mistakes, learn the lessons and feel the pain of failure on your way to the result. When you model the actions of successful people, you don’t have to experience the same failure they did and you will always achieve your results faster than if you set out to learn the hard way.

The systems in place in your company are modeled on the experience and results of thousands of people who have achieved success before you. When you join a company and start building your business, you have two critical choices to make. The first choice is whether or not you are going to follow the system and model the success of others. The second choice is whether or not you are going to teach that system to your team as you begin to grow. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to go through the pain and the failure and learn those lessons yourself or whether you want a proven path to success. In regards to your team, when you don’t introduce them to a system that models the success of others you are choosing that pain, that failure and those difficult lessons for them. The right choice is always following the system. The fastest way to success, for both you and your team, is modeling the success of others. That fastest way to success, for both you and your team, is working the system.

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Together Everyone Achieves More

I want you to think about something for a moment. Imagine that you are the leader of a team of 10,000 people. Can you see that in your mind? Imagine how that level of success would feel. Now, as you think about all those team members, I want you to imagine that every one of them is building their business differently. And even more than that, they didn’t learn the system you used to build your massive team and then go out on their own, they simply did it differently from day one. And today, there are 10,000 different people using 10,000 different methods to build their business. Ask yourself this question. How are you going to help the people on your team? What is the most important topic you should be training on? What do you do to grow even more?

Here is the reality. Without working the system, both yourself and through the members of your team, you will never grow a team of 10,000 people. You’ll never grow a team of 1000 people. That’s what systems do. They create predictable results that you can leverage to grow a huge team. Also, systems allow leaders to understand and train on the most important topics to implementing that system. When someone in your downline calls for help – and they will call you for help – if you don’t have a system to help them with or if you don’t understand the system that they are using to build their business, there is simply no way that you can help them. If you can’t help your team members grow their business, then you will never grow a huge Network Marketing team.

One of the core principles of Network Marketing is geometric growth. It’s simple math. A few people tell a few people who tell a few people and – over time – those few people grow into thousands or even millions. The most important word in that explanation is the word people. It is leadership that motivates and educates those next few people to work the system and it is the system that creates success. As a leader, or as a person who wants to lead a huge team, if you aren’t using and teaching the system to your team, who then uses and teaches the system to their team, simply put, you will never achieve success in Network Marketing.

It’s The Fastest Way To Profit

If I said to you that I would give you 100 dollars if you do three steps in order – step 1, then step 2, then step 3 – would you do those three steps? If I then told you that there might be other ways to get the 100 dollars, but that those three steps would definitely get you paid, would you do the three steps or would you try a different way to see what might work? When put in this context, I think most people would choose to do the three steps. Wouldn’t you? Especially if they knew that every time they did the three steps, they would get the 100 dollars and that they could repeat the three steps as many times as they wanted.

This is why it’s so important to work the system and teach the system in your business. The system holds the key to producing a profit in Network Marketing, both for you and for the people on your team. One of the most important elements to creating success is the belief that a person can create income with their new venture. It is said, and I agree, that the faster you can help someone create income in their business, the more motivated they will be to focus on and do what is necessary to build their team. The faster you can get someone paid, the more they will build. Working the system and teaching that system to your team is the fastest way to get someone paid in your Network Marketing business.

No matter where you currently are in your Network Marketing business, whether this is your very first day or you have a team numbering in the thousands, the success that you achieve is going to come down to a single word and that word is system. The choice you have today is to take the time and energy to learn the system that people in your company are using to achieve success or to do things your own way. It’s the choice to follow a proven path to success or to make it up as you go. It ‘s the choice to go through the pain of failure or to model the actions and results of mentors who have already achieved the success you are searching for.

What is even more important than the choice you are making is the choice you are making for your current or future team. You may be able to achieve some level of success, but you will never pass that success to hundreds or thousands of people without a system. It’s those hundreds and thousands of people that hold the key to your future. Their success is your success.

Take whatever time you need right now to clarify the system that your team or your company is using to achieve results. Make a commitment to not only follow that system but to insist that every member of your team follows that system as well. This commitment to yourself, to your team and the system, is the path that will allow you to achieve any level of success that you can dream of. If you desire to be successful as a Network Marketing professional, this is a commitment that you must make. Work the system, and let the system build your business.

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