Three Ways To Succeed With A Customer Focused Network Marketing Business

If you want to create a lot of volume in your network marketing business, creating a customer focused business is the way to go.

At its core, it’s a very simple business concept :

  • The higher the volume throughout your organization, the higher your income.
  • The lower the volume, the lower your income.

Seems straightforward, doesn’t it?

How would your business change if the volume in your organization increased by 20 percent or more?

Instead of wishing and hoping that volume increases in your organization, I have 3 ways for you to create a successful customer focused organization to help make that happen.

Before I get into that, let’s get started with how you and your team will benefit from implementing these strategies.

Benefits of a Customer Focused Network Marketing Business

High volume is at the core of successful network marketing businesses.  Volume comes from one thing, that is, product sales.  You can spend all your time recruiting new distributors into your business that use the products on a regular basis but volume will grow slowly if your recruiting numbers are low.

Instead, teach your team to focus on acquiring 2 to 10 new customers a month, in addition to distributor recruiting efforts.

Do the math to see how your organization’s volume would increase month over month if every distributor added just 2 new customers a month with at least one of those customers on autoship.

Here are some key benefits of creating a customer focused team :

  • If you depend on recruiting to increase volume, what happens if that distributor leaves but has no customers?  Your business loses that volume from that distributor.  On the other hand, if that distributor acquired a few loyal customers, those customers continue to produce volume for the organization for the life-span of that customer.
  • Customers love the products and usually tell their friends and family.  Now you have an indirect “sales team” sharing the benefits of your product or service with others.  Word of mouth marketing is powerful.
  • If customers share with enough people, they’ll figure out they are missing out on income from product sales.  These are people who are open to hearing about the business opportunity.
  • Volume throughout your team increases based on customer sales.
  • By increasing customer loyalty to you and the products, you can increase retention time for those customers on autoship.

In my own business, I’ve focused on building a customer culture from the start, resulting in thousands of customers with a good percentage of those on high-retention autoship products.

Three Ways To Succeed With A Customer Focused Network Marketing Business - CC vs NMBB

Now that you know a few of the benefits of creating a customer focused culture in your Network Marketing business, how do you make that happen?

I have 3 strategies that you can implement and teach to your team.

3 Customer Building Strategies to Implement in your MLM Business

Focusing on customer acquisition, growth, and loyalty in your network marketing business will help produce more volume.  In turn, rank and income will increase accordingly.

Let’s get started with customer acquisition, the foundation of a customer focused organization.

Customer Acquisition

Creating and maintaining customer relationships starts with acquiring a new customer.  How do you do that?

I’m sure that you made your list of contacts and called everyone you know.  Am I right?

Expanding past your warm market is your next step in acquiring new customers for your network marketing business.  You do that by taking your business online and using these methods.

1 : Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing can be used online or offline.  Simply put, it’s an attractive way of communicating with others.  For instance, if you were to post spam links all over social media, that would not be attractive to anyone.  On the other hand, if you were to post content that provides some type of value to your target audience that would be very attractive.

In the same way, if you attend a networking event, be interested in others instead of blabbing about yourself.  At the heart of attraction marketing is the concept that it’s all about the people that you are targeting in the market place and not you.  Keeping the needs of others at the forefront, you become a problem solver and an expert in the eyes of those you communicate with.

Network marketing is all about helping others improve their lives in some way or another.  When you make a connection with your audience instead of always trying to sell, you become the “go-to” person when someone is ready to buy your product.  By using attraction marketing, you will have already shown them how your product or service solves their problems instead of starting with trying to sell them a product or service.

2 : The Power of Social Media
43% of Consumers Are More Likely To Purchase A Product When Learning About It On Social Media

43% of Consumers Are More Likely To Purchase A Product When Learning About It On Social Media

According to eMarketer, “The worldwide social network audience will surpass the 2 billion mark in 2015.  More than 28% of people worldwide will use a social network regularly this year, with nearly 82% of this group utilizing a mobile phone to access these platforms.”

With more people than ever before participating in social networks, extending your reach through social media should be at the top of your list for customer acquisition.

Using attraction marketing in social media is the way to increase your value in social networking communities.

According to Neilson, 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it on social media.

So, how you acquire new customers without being a salesman?

There are lots of opportunities to meet and attract people in social media.  Example :

  • Provide helpful value-driven information which solves a problem or is centered around topics that your audience wants to know more about.  For example, if your network marketing products are related to health, you can provide helpful tips about staying healthy during the holidays, simple ways to reduce calorie intake, or something else related to health.  You get idea. When you become the most helpful person, people will come to you asking questions.  And guess what?  You have the answers in the form of solutions through your products.
  • Post about your lifestyle.  Using the health related example, if you live a healthy lifestyle, post about it in social media.  Believe me people will notice that you are enjoying good health which is something that they desire too.  Before long people will be coming to you asking you what you are doing to stay on track with and enjoy healthy living.
  • Be positive in social media.  What would happen if you were a negative nellie in social media?  Nothing!  Keep your message positive and be an inspiration to others.  I get private messages all the time from people who appreciate and are inspired by the positive lifestyle message I communicate on a daily basis.  That’s how you start building and cultivating relationships with people that want what you have.
  • Join groups that are relevant to your network marketing products.  Most of the people in Facebook groups are there to build community with like-minded individuals.  Usually groups include people who are all moving toward a similar goal or who all have a similar problem.  Either way, your goal is to be the most helpful person in the group.  This helps you to foster positive relationships with people that will reach out to you to find out more about what you are doing.

Most important, teach your team to consistently post in social media daily using some of the tips that I’ve shared here.

Use Appreciation Marketing

Appreciation marketing is one of the most powerful yet underutilized marketing methods.  Once you have acquired customers, the next step is to increase the “lifetime value” of that customer with regard to your business.  That translates to your future relationship with a customer.

At the heart of appreciation marketing is building customer loyalty through gratitude.  Appreciation marketing contributes to creating repeat customers and high retention autoship customers.

Three Ways To Succeed With A Customer Focused Network Marketing Business - Appreciation

Think of appreciation marketing as one of your key income producing activities.  Here are three ways to use this powerful marketing tool to develop long term customer loyalty.

1 : Just Say Thanks

When was the last time you thanked a customer for their business?  How did you go about doing that?  Most people send email, which has become a common method of communication.  But with a 25% open rate, how many customers will actually get your message?  We talked about delivering value to your target market in terms of providing solutions and value driven information.  What about delivering value in the form of gratitude?

If you sent a thank you card to your customers, do you think that would make them feel special?  Of course it would.  And I can almost guarantee they will remember you.  Walt Disney knew this all too well when he said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

2 : Offer Exclusive Gifts to Repeat Customers

Show your most loyal customers even more gratitude by sending them a meaningful gift.  It can be anything that simply shows how much you care.  I’ve often sent gifts to my high retention autoship customers to let them know how much I appreciate them and their business.

3 : Feature Your Customers

Have your customers had a great experience with your network marketing products?  Featuring them in social media is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them.  People love attention and social media is a perfect way to show it.  If one of your customers has a great weight loss story as a result of using your product, share that in your social networks.  So many people will congratulate your customer which will make them feel great and featuring your customers also leads to new customers since others will want to know what they are doing.

Teaching these strategies to your team will help create a great experience for all the customers throughout your downline.  That is exactly how to build customer loyalty.  Remember, gratitude and appreciation go a long way.

Use Referral Marketing

I love referral marketing.  It’s effective to increase customers as well as create loyalty with existing customers.

According to Wikipedia, “Referral marketing is a process to increase word of mouth marketing by encouraging customers and contacts to talk as much as possible about a brand or product.”  When you use the steps to create a loyal base of customers, they will become that indirect sales team that shares the information with others and, according to Incentive Fox, referral marketing generates 3 to 5 times higher conversion rates than any other channel.  Those numbers are just too good to ignore.

Three Ways To Succeed With A Customer Focused Network Marketing Business - Referral
How can you encourage customers to make referrals?

Here are 5 ideas to use for referral marketing.

1 : Be a Person of Integrity

Are you the type of person that people want to refer? Good question right? How you portray yourself to others will make all the difference here. When you follow the aforementioned strategies regarding social media, you can be that person of integrity that others will feel good about referring to others.

2 : Create A Referral Marketing Program

Create a referral program and let everyone know about it. People will be more motivated to go out of their way to refer others if there is a reward involved. You can even invite people to participate who are not participating as a customer at the moment. Maybe the person knows, likes and trusts you but can’t financially buy your products right now but they are willing to refer others.

3 : Cross Refer

Whenever I meet and like network marketers in other businesses I learn a little about them and their products. I also share information about my products. You never know who you will meet that doesn’t want anything to do with your products but is very interested in other products. Now you have a friend that you can refer them and vice versa. It’s a great way to expand your referrals.

4 : Ask For The Referral

Not everyone you talk to will be interested in your products or service, but they may know someone who is.  You’ll never know unless you ask if they know anyone.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Teaching your team to use referral marketing is a simple way to contribute to an increased customer base throughout your organization.  Even if you just taught everyone to ask for the referral, it can make all the difference in customer acquisition.


When it comes to creating a customer focused network marketing business, creating a great experience with new and existing customers is key.  There are two main reasons that customers will start using and sticking with your products : 1) they get value and 2) have a great experience with you or your team.

Which of these customer building strategies resonate with you and how will you implement them?


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