Every single morning when I wake up and scroll through social media as if it’s my morning paper I see countless posts and photos which are pushy sales posts from inexperienced Network Marketers, that experience very little or no response in return. These are the 80% who are struggling to build the reality to the business dream they were sold.

It is recommended to share 1 business post, 1 sales post and 5 lifestyle posts a week across social media for growth and success.

With over 10 years experience in retail and sales, 5 of those under my belt running my own businesses I’ve compiled a quick how to guide to help convert those prospects to solid yeses.

“Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!“

How To Get Prospects To Say Yes Don’t Talk About Your Company

That is my favorite saying. This is quite possibly the most fundamental part of Network Marketing. The less you talk about the company the more interested people will be in the opportunity. We’re all guilty of spending time scrolling through social media looking at the luxurious lifestyles people live and the mystery of how they succeed and reach that level of luxury. The more you intrigue people the easier they are to convert because of the how many questions they have running through their heads.

We’ve all seen it, reams and reams of posts about Network Marketing companies that saturate their brand to the point that conversions are low and sales are hard to achieve. A brand strategy is key when creating opportunities and converting those interested in doing business with you to saying YES.

A key aspect in how to convert is building trust. By creating rapport with your potential, who may be a friend, family member or an acquaintance you build a trust. Once you gain the person in question’s trust the likelihood of the sale of a product or business opportunity increases.

How To Get Prospects To Say YesKnow Your Stuff

This leads on perfectly to being transparent and genuine, once you’ve built up a rapport with your potential the conversion comes from being open and honest about the ROI, the targets and volumes as well as the compensation plan. More often than not when I’ve been approached by a message hitting my inbox from somebody I’ve never even spoken to its short and really to the point. Of course me being me, I give them the benefit of the doubt and I always ask them to explain the compensation plan. Can I tell you a secret? 9 times out of 10 they pass the buck to their upline or they say it’s too complicated to explain can they email me the information. If it’s too complicated for you, as a partner in your company to explain how can I possibly go into business with somebody who is unable to answer an important question and a question that 99% of business owners are interested, the money.

The lesson here is to know your company inside out, be fully coherent in the business model, compensation plan, products and in most cases your own experience, ROI and income. There’s nothing that seals a deal like being truthful and honest. Integrity is key and it will convert your prospects tenfold.

Every day when I wake up I have a spring in my step, I’m my own boss, I do what I like, when I like and I make my own residual income. Life is great. So when I’m talking to anybody about what I do for a living I am passionate and excited, my sheer passion emits and rubs off to other people. It’s infectious and if you don’t believe me in a room of people if you ask them to clap if they want to make money you’ll get a ripple effect of clappers and the clapping will get stronger and louder, that’s the excitement in the room travelling. A way to convert to a YES is by ensuring that excitement travels across to your prospects.

When you don’t sell, you sell more. That’s crazy right? Making people realise the value in what you’re doing, the opportunity you’re bringing to them, the freedom this could give them, the benefits and value are the most important aspects to sell then the price comes later once they’ve already decided that they want to be involved. People buy into you and if you’re open and honest as we’ve said before then they’ll buy into your passion, your drive and commitment and that cuts down your hard efforts as if people believe in you, believe you’re giving them value they give you their trust and that makes sealing the deal become easier.

How To Get Prospects To Say YesWork With A Team

One of the main ways we grow our team is with a host of free events that we as a team put on together. In  addition, our upline hosts weekly webinars and everyone on our team can invite their prospects. Their excitement, passion and knowledge travel through the Internet waves and into your prospects and with a YES rate of over 50% their leadership and assistance is invaluable.

Every two weeks,  our local team hosts an event for prospects too. Meeting people with the same passion and dreams, people with experience and real stories help when you’re asking “how to convert a potential to a yes” – get bums on seats and have a great host and speakers and the deal is pretty much sealed, again this comes with an 80% or higher sign up rate when they experience the atmosphere in the room. Events build your business, if you don’t go you don’t grow. You may hear the same presentation hundreds of times over but the prospects you take to these events haven’t, remember this and remember to keep positive.

How To Get Prospects To Say YesMake Sure You Follow-Up

Finally sealing the deal wouldn’t happen without the follow up procedure. Having a set formula for follow-ups is essential. My personal formula can fall into two different categories. If it’s showing the opportunities over social media and getting them onto an opportunity meeting I ensure that after it’s finished I ask them how they felt the call went, how they feel about the opportunity, and how they would like to progress. It is vital that you take the potential’s feelings into consideration (building rapport and trust – see what I did there, they all link back to the final YES). If they are positive and are interested, ask them about any questions they may have and invite them to meet up for a coffee and to go over the business and sign up process. This way if you set a date while they’re still on Cloud 9 the potential conversation is greater as it’s harder to say no face to face than via a text or a message.

If you invite a potential to an event, after the event offer to buy them a drink and have a chat again ask them how the thought it went, how they feel and what are their thoughts. You’ll be able to judge from this if they’re a definite yes or still need to think. They may not be interested, however if you’ve followed all of the guidelines in this how to you’ll have them wanting to sign the dotted line immediately. Always follow up with a phone call or a text the next day, again while they’re still full of the excitement of the event.

If you check in with your prospects frequently, even the maybes who haven’t said yes yet and are still on the fence when the time is right they’ll come back and sign up. Remain positive and remember to teach this to your downlines because the power of four and duplication is what will give you the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Laura Dawson


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